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         Business Insurance

        Workplace Benefits

        Proven experience, innovative products and exceptional service backed by the strength of a global industry leader. It all adds up to the certainty you need in a workplace benefit partner.
        During this unsettling time, Workplace Benefits remains available to provide the level of service you have come to expect. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19.
        For Brokers and Employers

        With Chubb as your partner, you can deliver customized benefit programs with the utmost confidence. From the products we develop to the services we provide, our craftsmanship is inherent in our workplace benefits.

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        For Employees

        With Chubb, you are never alone. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities to help you ease your financial burden due to unexpected illness or injury.

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        Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

        We're here to help.

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        The Importance of Supplemental Insurance in Employer Benefit Offerings
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