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         Business Insurance

        Workers Compensation Insurance

        Employees can get hurt on the job despite your best efforts to prevent it. Chubb can work with you to provide specialized workers compensation insurance coverage for your business regardless of industry and size.

        Mid-sized Companies

        Workers compensation insurance that goes beyond the policy. Chubb provides resources to companies ranging in revenue from $10 million to $1 billion to help improve safety, minimize costs and enhance employee care, morale and productivity.

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        Large Global and National Companies

        Customized casualty risk management and financing products designed with the needs of large companies in mind.

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        Excess Workers Compensation

        For companies that self-insure their predictable losses, yet need coverage for catastrophic exposures.

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        Small Businesses

        For companies with revenues less than $30 million, our workers compensation policy provides insurance coverage to help protect your small business should an injury or illness occur on the job.

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