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         Business Insurance

        Umbrella & Excess Casualty

        Chubb offers umbrella and excess liability insurance solutions for smaller and mid-sized companies through the global multinationals. We have tailored solutions for a myriad of industries, including energy, construction and real estate & hospitality.

        Large Global and National Companies

        Specializing in Lead Umbrella and Excess Liability insurance for large global and national companies and the privately-owned company equivalent.

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        Mid-Sized Companies

        Chubb’s Umbrella & Excess Casualty insurance offers mid-sized companies competitive excess casualty alternatives coupled with consistent, timely service and expert claims handling.

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        Energy Industry

        The landscape of the energy sector is always changing, and so do the risks that companies face. Whether you’re a Fortune 1000 multinational company or a smaller organization, Chubb offers innovative coverage options for your organization’s unique exposures.

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        Construction Industry

        Chubb Umbrella/Excess Liability insurance offers specialized solutions for the construction industry, including standard and specialty lead umbrella and excess liability insurance.

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        ExpressSM Umbrella Online Platform

        In an ever-connected world, it’s important to be able to fill insurance needs at any time. The Chubb’s Express Umbrella online platform is a proprietary web-based portal designed for use by appointed brokers to reserve, quote, bind and issue business at any time. The tool can help develop homogeneous books of business and broker specialties.

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        Leading the Way, Locally and Globally

        Download our brochure to learn more about Chubb Multinational Insurance Coverages and Services.

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        NEW! Excess Casualty Incident AlertSM

        Excess Casualty Incident Alert is an incident response technology that is designed to help customers mitigate potential loss exposures through around-the-clock reporting and accessibility at no additional charge to the customer.

        Find an independent agent near you.
        Find an independent agent near you.
        Solutions from Excess Casualty

        Visit our new resource center to learn more about our leading value-added technology, catastrophe solutions, and more.