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         Business Insurance

        Real Estate & Hospitality

        Chubb offers a wide range of insurance options to meet your critical industry exposure needs from traditional property and casualty coverages to specialized solutions addressing risks that range from environmental, M&A, professional liabilities and more.

        Real Estate

        Real Estate companies deal with constantly evolving markets and risks. We offer a holistic approach to risk management through our casualty suite of coverages that can help you meet today’s challenges and address a wide array of risks.

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        Offering a broad suite of casualty insurance solutions to meet your properties unique commercial hospitality related coverage needs.

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        Differentiators and Capabilities

        We are a premier provider of customized property and casualty and risk financing solutions for customers with Real Estate & Hospitality exposures, backed by Chubb’s financial strength, global capacity, and industry-leading risk engineering and claims expertise.

        Deep Expertise and Superior Services

        We offer a complete suite of comprehensive property and casualty solutions for large national and multinational Real Estate & Hospitality exposures. Download our brochure.

        Deep Expertise and Superior Services
        No Two Properties Are Alike

        We offer a comprehensive solution for middle market commercial customers’ insurance needs. Download our brochure.

        No Two Properties Are Alike

        Chubb Real Estate & Hospitality Industry Practice offers a number of valuable thought leadership pieces to our customers.  Hurricane checklists, risk engineering calendars and advisories on emerging risks can all assist in developing a more comprehensive risk management strategy.