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        Good corporate citizenship lies at our core — how we practice our craft of insurance, how we work together to serve our customers, how we treat each other, and how we work to help make a better world for our communities and our planet. Citizenship is about responsibility — and we express that responsibility in a way that reflects our core values and our mission to protect the present and build a better future.

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        Supporting the Global Community
        Chubb Supports Global Pandemic Relief Efforts

        Chubb has committed $10 million to pandemic relief efforts globally. The company’s support, which is funded through the Chubb Charitable Foundation, is directed to a range of partner organizations around the world to provide essential resources immediately in areas facing the most acute need.

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        Supporting Racial Justice
        Race Matters

        “The events that have unfolded across our nation in recent months have focused our attention on what we should do as citizens and as a company.” Read Chubb Chairman and CEO Evan Greenberg’s statement on the persistent challenges arising from bigotry, racism and racial injustice in society.

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        Creating an Inclusive Meritocracy
        Diversity and Inclusion

        Creating an inclusive and equitable environment is integral to Chubb’s culture. Learn how we support the success of all our employees through the active engagement of leadership as well as business roundtables and regional inclusion councils.

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        Reducing Environmental Impact
        Chubb and the Environment

        Chubb has a responsibility to provide solutions that help clients manage environmental and climate change risks, and to control our own ecological impact. Learn more about Chubb’s environmental stewardship in our annual progress report.

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        Maintaining Strong Legal Systems
        The Rule of Law Fund

        Chubb is committed to advancing the rule of law by supporting organizations focused on building and strengthening legal institutions. Learn more in the Chubb Rule of Law Fund Annual Report.

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