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        Chubb Statement On The COVID-19 Outbreak

        Chubb remains available to provide the same level of service you have come to expect.

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        Welcome to Chubb Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company

        Chubb Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company is one of the large capacity multi line property and casualty insurers operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With offices in all three major cities of the country, Chubb Arabia provides commercial property and casualty insurance, personal accident and group life insurance to a diverse group of clients.

        Chubb Worldwide

        Chubb has offices in 54 countries across the world.
        To find an office close to you, please use our worldwide locator.

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        A Gloomy Forecast?

        European multinationals will be more exposed to extreme weather events as they expand their business operations. To minimise these threats, these companies should tailor their risk management.

        Surplus Distribution to Policyholders

        As Chubb Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company achieved a net surplus from insurance operations in 2015, the company decided to distribute a portion of the net surplus to the eligible policyholders based on the Cooperative Insurance Law.

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        Our Global News

        Find all of our global news releases on our corporate website

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